Conquest: Companion

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This hardcover rulebook compiles all the most up to date rulings and clarifications made by the Para Bellum team on the core rules and army lists. In addition, it contains the new Character expansion rules, allowing players to customize their Characters with all new retinues, skills, and items. The Companion also has 304 pages dedicated to giving an overview of the world of Conquest and it’s factions, revealing hitherto unknown details about the origins of the world and the history of each faction.
A gritty and mature setting is waiting inside these pages, ready to be explored… and be shaped through the game and our Living World project. But even as we shape both today and the future of the world together with our players, its past remains unchanging. It is in those stories where the motivations of today reveal themselves and the depth of the world can be witnessed, where ancient enmities that shape the future were forged and where Powers beyond mortals have established their influence. From its very creation to the cataclysmic Fall of Hazlia, the world of Conquest reveals its darkest secrets, its violent history and its endless wars.
Our fully updated Rules of Engagement, along with the army lists of all four of our starting factions, can also be found within these pages. With a quick and easy to learn ruleset that also affords veteran players multiple levels of strategy to master, prepare for fast paced battles and unique escalation and command mechanics that promote constant conflict on the field. In this Companion, we also introduce for the first time our updated Character Personalization system, with new items, updated Supremacy Abilities and a Retinue system that ties in to the Lore.